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EDCI 567 - Fall 2019


Multimedia Learning


As this course draws to a close, I reflect upon the many different aspects of learning and engagement with my colleagues that I’ve had as a whole and how these experiences have impacted my practice as an educator. Beginning with… Continue Reading →

Computer-Assisted Speech Intervention and mHealth with Mobile Apps

Over the past few weeks, I’ve researched perspectives and studies that highlight the use of telepractice as a form of speech and language intervention and service for children in rural or remote communities. As we draw near the end of… Continue Reading →

A Systematic Review – Effectiveness of Telehealth Delivered Speech and Language Service and Intervention

This week, I found an article by researchers Wales, Skinner, and Hayman (2017) that highlights a systematic review of the literature pertaining to the effectiveness of telehealth (telepractice) service delivery for primary-aged children with speech and language needs in comparison… Continue Reading →

SLP Teletherapy – Clinician Perspectives

In my blog post last week, I explored the impacts of providing teletherapy (speech and language supports/service) to children living in rural or remote communities. Overall, the research stated that by providing this type of service, it helps to decrease… Continue Reading →

Decreasing Service Inequity with Teletherapy

Living and working in a rural setting, one of our challenges is access to support and services for our students. One of our challenges is the geographic make-up of our school district. The Gulf Islands school district consists of 5… Continue Reading →

Models, Frameworks, and Theories – Multimedia and Technology

This week, I learned about several new models, frameworks, and theories in relation to education, multimedia instruction, and digital technology. Some of the material that was discussed in the readings this week encouraged reflection into my own practice and sparked… Continue Reading →

Impacts of Digital Technology on Children – Challenges

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash As I continue to explore the relationship between digital technology and social-emotional well-being of children, I have come across peer-reviewed articles and other posts that either extend or challenge my thinking. I am comfortable… Continue Reading →

Narrowing down my focus

Over the past week, I’ve been reflecting upon my Learning Goals and interests in relation to this course. There is much to learn and explore when it comes to digital technology itself, not to mention the potential connections to classroom… Continue Reading →

Personal Learning Goals

When I reflect upon my childhood experiences with digital technology, I feel that my access was somewhat limited and my interactions were set by fairly rigid guidelines. I am often hesitant to use digital technology in my classroom because of… Continue Reading →

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